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Heute mal was ganz Neues:
"Sehr geehrte Fahrgäste, in Kürze erreichen wir Berlin Ostbahnhof, 10 Minuten früher als geplant." 😂

Watch Out for the Cops
youtube.com/watch?v=wnGYaEkZXb fits the occasion perfectly... never forget the international solidarity ✊

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Today a small GNU/Linux #GTK #Rust App I wrote got published on Flathub: OvGU Mensa! The App displays the canteen menu of the Otto-von-Guericke University #ovgu and several other canteens managed by the Studentenwerk #Magdeburg. The App currently displays no menus as the canteens are closed.

The App is visible in all Software Centers with Flatpak installed.


I'm also looking into publishing it on snapcraft.io but currently lack the time to do so...

So... The water inlet hose of our washing machine recently broke, flooding the downstairs neighbors apartment. Weeks and weeks of dealing with an upset elderly lady, handymen and insurance companies... not an experience I can recommend 🙃

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How long till more people are infected via zoom than via social contact?

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Fun fact: even git push -f doesn't lose data, either. The server keeps a reflog just like your local repo does. You can git reset --hard master 'master@{1}' on the server to undo a force push.

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A few days ago, I found a way to get pixel-perfect #scrolling with the #logitech M720 mouse under #linux (#gnome, #systemd) working as described in my blog post:

Today, I found the `general.smoothScroll.msdPhysics.enabled` option in #firefox's about:config. This makes the scrolling experience with my M720 incredible! The acceleration and accuracy is mind blowing!

Does anyone know what `msdPhysics` are and how they work? Maybe I can apply this technique to other Apps...

In the spirit of decentralization I successfully moved my account to my own self-hosted Mastodon instance. 🙂


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